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Ashburn (Signed Paperback)

Ashburn (Signed Paperback)

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Book 1 of 3

Ashes Still Burn Urban Fantasy Series

295 Pages

*Signed on the first page and sent directly to you by the author, this signed paperback edition features the cover art from a previous version, which is no longer available for purchase anywhere else.

What Readers are Saying About Ashburn!

“Ashburn…reminds me a bit of a cross between a Stephen King novel and the…tv show Brimstone.” -A. Reader

“A world so quirky, so dark, so spooky and so rich that you’re going to want to pack your bags and move there.” -F. Durante

“One of the gems. The writing and editing were on point, with the characters and story both well done.” -K in Texas

“I. Loved. This.” -Amy471

Welcome to Ashburn: Home to Demons, Forgotten Gods, and Fallen Angels

David Steele was an aging one-hit-wonder who made a deal with a powerful demon to escape death. But instead of saving David's life, the demon sent his soul to the suburbs of Ashburn, Virginia, to work off his debt as the demon's right-hand man.

Officially, David's still alive. But all is far from great. Because now he’s trapped in a town with a dark secret—a hidden population of captive demons, ancient gods, and other supernatural creatures all of whom are now under David’s care and command.

To make things worse, his new body used to belong to a demon everyone in Ashburn hates; his girlfriend’s a succubus with a taste for human hearts; his dog’s a hound from Hell; and there's a demonic goat that wants him dead.

All David wants to do is get out of town and start a new life, but a few hours into his new gig, people in Ashburn start dying. And it's his job to stop the killing.

Or there will be Hell to pay.

"Ashburn" is Book #1 in the dark urban fantasy Ashes Still Burn series.

Start experiencing the world of Ashes Still Burn today and visit its darkly humorous world of demons, fallen gods, and other supernatural creatures all living in the seemingly peaceful suburbs of DC. It all begins with Book 1, Ashburn.

A Sample from Ashburn

by M.W. Layne

"I closed the curtain, and the room sank back into blissful darkness. I sat on the edge of the bed and reminded myself that I was alive, and that even though something had gone very wrong, I should have been ecstatic.

But I wasn’t.

“None of this was part of the deal,” I said.

The dog’s ears went flat against his head.

“Not this body. Not this dog. And not wherever the bloody hell I am right now.”

I laughed at my pitiful reaction. Why did I care where I’d ended up or what I looked like? I’d beaten cancer and cheated death—things that never happened to real people in real life.

I laughed again and felt truly grateful—not to God or to any of his angels, but to a dark creature named Ahriman—the demon who had saved my life.

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