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The Science of Magic Fantasy Series - Writer Layne Publishing

The Science of Magic

Fantasy adventure combining modern-day tech and elemental magic.

When Merrick's father dies, a mysterious old man tells him that he belongs to a secretive species of beings that can command the forces of nature with only their words. Desperate to understand who and what he is, Merrick dives head-first into his new world but quickly learns that magic comes at a price and often with dire consequences.

As Merrick strives to discover his true self, he uncovers a reality that exists in today's world just beyond the ability of technology and human senses to detect—a place where:

Trees and rocks are sentient;

Elemental energies are worshipped as dragons;

Cutting-edge science is used to wield long-forgotten magic;

And every magical action has an equal and often deadly reaction.

Books in This Series

The Conservation of Magic

Fantasy adventure combining modern-day tech and elemental magic

Merrick discovers a world within our own, where energy, sound, and science meld to produce magic. As Merrick searches for the secrets to his true self, he befriends a sentient tree, unwraps the mystery of living stone at the heart of a modern technology company, and discovers an underground city in the Highlands of Scotland.

To save the world, he must master his craft, defeat his long-lost brother, and battle elemental dragons whose words alone may hold a fiery end to human existence.

The events in this story occur in a world where magic, technology, and nature mix seamlessly, but the book is written as an exciting adventure story where actions, no matter how magical, have very real consequences.

The Equilibrium of Magic

The World is out of balance, and only one person can make it right again

A world exists alongside our own--one of magic and of elemental dragons. Merrick used to be a stranger there--but not anymore. He's become a living legend among the Drayoom. Even the Emperor of the Wind Family thinks he's destined for greatness and tries to convince him to take the throne of the Earth Clan for his own.

But Merrick has other plans. He’s determined to unite the four dragon tongues into a single language and to uncover the secrets of the mysterious element known only as divinium. Doing so would give him unthinkable power--maybe enough to return the planet to its equilibrium. But achieving his goal may cost Merrick more than he can stand to lose.

The Complexity of Magic

An Elemental War that Shakes the World to its Core

Merrick has discovered the secrets of divinium, saved his people from the forces of the Wind Family, and now leads the Earth Clan. But he has also lost his only chance at a happy life. Merrick vows to make the Emperor of the Wind Family pay for what he’s done, but he soon discovers that delivering the vengeance he seeks will be harder than he first imagined.Committed to doing whatever he must, Merrick sends his most trusted friend on a dangerous mission to spy on the Emperor and to sow internal dissent within the Wind Family. Meanwhile, Merrick and Cara gather their forces and prepare for an all-out war that will be fought by magic-wielding warriors, filled with clashes between elemental extremes, and alter the fate of the world.