Collection: Ashes Still Burn (Urban Fantasy Series)

A shadow of a man stands in front of an eerie old stone house that is boarded up.

Welcome to the Suburbs from Hell

When David makes a deal with the powerful demon, Ahriman, to save his life, things go very wrong. He ends up trapped in the body of a lower-level demon, banished to Ashburn, and sentenced to work in suburban hell until his debt to Ahriman is fully paid.

Ashburn may look like just another affluent suburban neighborhood in Virginia. But the town has a dark underbelly and is home to an active population of imprisoned supernatural creatures, minor demons, forgotten gods, and fallen angels--all of whom are under David's charge and all of whom are trying to escape their suburban prison.

Follow David's journey as he struggles to adapt to his new life as Ahriman's demonic enforcer, maintain some part of his human soul, and find a way to escape from his new home of Ashburn.

Books in This Series


Welcome to Ashburn: Home to Demons, Forgotten Gods, and Fallen Angels

David Steele was an aging one-hit-wonder who made a deal with a powerful demon to escape death. But instead of saving David's life, the demon sent his soul to the suburbs of Ashburn, Virginia, to work off his debt as the demon's right-hand man.

Officially, David's still alive. But all is far from great. Because now he’s trapped in a town with a dark secret—a hidden population of captive demons, ancient gods, and other supernatural creatures all of whom are now under David’s care and command.

To make things worse, his new body used to belong to a demon everyone in Ashburn hates; his girlfriend’s a succubus with a taste for human hearts; his dog’s a hound from Hell; and there's a demonic goat that wants him dead.

All David wants to do is get out of town and start a new life, but a few hours into his new gig, people in Ashburn start dying. And it's his job to stop the killing.

Or there will be Hell to pay.

The Demon Slayer of Ashburn

Even Demons Know Fear...

David is getting in the groove with his new job as Ashburn's supernatural enforcer, but one night he and his crew see a strange man in a monk's robe kill a demon. The man claims to be a Demon Slayer, and he's there to clean up Ashburn and get rid of its abominable infestation.

David does the best he can, but he's soon overwhelmed and over his head as demon after demon is killed. Now, he's the only one left to take on and defeat the Demon Slayer.

But, as usual in Ashburn, all is not as it first appears.

The Blood of Ashburn

Something Hungers Beneath the Town of Ashburn

David is a human spirit trapped in a demon’s body, forced to serve the evil being who saved his soul but ruined his life.

As the supernatural enforcer of Ashburn, David’s responsible for keeping the gods and demons in town under control and out of trouble. But he's also supposed to keep them safe. So when the local sheriff finds a minor demon broken and drained of his blood, David begins a hunt for the killer.

As David sheds light on one part of the truth, he’s pulled down into an even greater darkness that lies deep beneath the town. A hidden world steeped in primordial myth, where vampiric demons roam, desperate for blood. A forgotten city built by an ancient race that thrived before the time of gods and demons. But also, a possible path to freedom.

David may finally have a chance to escape Ashburn, but to do so, first he’ll have to survive a harrowing journey through the caverns and tunnels beneath the town, where everyone, including his traveling companions, wants only one thing from him—his blood.