Collection: The Demon Slayer of Ashburn

Ashes Still Burn #2

“Quick, fun, and entertaining”

What Readers are Saying About The Demon Slayer of Ashburn!

“Great Beach Read. Quick, fun, and entertaining. A great read for vacation or if you are taking a long trip. Quite cleverly written.” – H_P

“…was soon hooked into John/David's world. The author has very successfully continued and built on the original story. Book three next.” – P

“A real page turner. [Even] funnier than the previous book. And the writing's flow really helps immerse the reader into the story. – K

Even Demons Know Fear...

David is getting in the groove with his new job as Ashburn's supernatural enforcer, but one night he and his crew see a strange man in a monk's robe kill a demon. The man claims to be a Demon Slayer, and he's there to clean up Ashburn and get rid of its abominable infestation. David does the best he can, but he's soon overwhelmed and over his head as demon after demon is killed. Now, he's the only one left to take on and defeat the Demon Slayer. But, as usual in Ashburn, all is not as it first appears.This Second Edition of "The Demon Slayer of Ashburn" is Book #2 in the Ashes Still Burn Series.

A Sample from The Demon Slayer of Ashburn

I raised my goggles to my face and saw red magic crackling all around Rangda’s wrinkly, demonic body. Her unkempt white hair and sharp black claws were nothing compared to the horrifying fangs protruding from her mouth and her long, unfurled tongue that snaked in the air like a living creature.

I lifted Gus, emboldened by seeing Rangda as she really was, and landed a loud, cracking blow to her clawed hand that was holding the black plastic bag. I may have looked like a child, but I still had the strength of a demon, and Rangda reared back, smarting from the blow.

She dropped the bag on the floor and opened and closed her hand.

“You should not have done that,” she said. “Now, you must be punished.”

Despite her threat, she still didn’t look that dangerous to me, even with my goggles on. During my single month in Ashburn, I’d dealt with a vengeful Voodoo spirit and a seven-foot-tall demonic goat, so I wasn’t too worried about an old lady shuffling toward me, even if she did happen to be a demon.

In hindsight, maybe I was being a bit too cocky, because the instant her claws grazed my right arm, my skin went numb, and chills ricocheted through my nervous system.

John’s body—and any other demonic body, as far as I knew—wasn’t subject to regular human sickness or disease, but whatever Rangda had done to me wasn’t human in origin. When I looked down at where she’d touched me, festering dark purple pustules were blossoming across my skin, and I knew I was in trouble.

When Rangda saw my reaction, she smiled wildly and moved closer, leading with her fangs.

Shadow sensed how bad the situation had become, and he stepped forward, growling.

Trying to avoid her touch, I backed into something solid. When I turned and looked up, Sybil was standing there, her arms folded in front of her, like an irritated den mother.