About Writer Layne

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Photo of Mike Layne with a beard and baseball cap.

Mike grew up as a military brat, traveling around the world and the country before landing as an adult in the suburbs outside of Washington, D.C. He live with his writing buddies, Elsa and Baloo, the wonderful doggos who make sure he takes plenty of breaks to play catch and get kisses.

Mike has been writing since he was a kid and has focused on various forms of fiction throughout his life. Mostly, he enjoys writing odd stories that don’t fit easily into a single genre. These include fantasies, thrillers of all kinds, and action adventures.

Mike selling books at an outdoor comic con.

 Mike started WriterLayne LLC in 2023 to better manage his work published under his pen names of Michael Layne, M.W. Layne, and Michael W. Layne. In the future, WriterLayne may also serve as a starting point for other independent authors. But at the moment, WriterLayne is not accepting any new submissions. Thank you!