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The Control Psychological Thriller Signed Paperback

The Control Psychological Thriller Signed Paperback

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A Psychological Thriller

 What Readers Are Saying About The Control!

"What a roller coaster of a ride! I read The Control in one sitting.” -Katie L., NetGalley

"This is absolutely the BEST book I've read this year." -HS., VINE VOICE

"The final 15-20% of the book was wild! What an ending." -Jenny M., NetGalley

"...had me on my toes the whole time!” -Reviewer, NetGalley

"It had me hooked from chapter one." -Bron P., NetGalley

"The ending.... I didn't see it still won't know how it actually ends until you get there." - Reviewer, NetGalley

A true psychological thriller that will keep you guessing. A twisted ending you won't forget.

*Signed on the first page and sent directly to you by the author.

It’s the middle of the night when Jim Straub regains consciousness in his psychology professor's office. He can't remember what he's doing there or why his teacher is dead at his computer with his head caved in.

On shaking legs, Jim approaches the body and reads the psych profile that’s open on his professor’s screen. It’s about a student who is mentally ill and getting worse by the day—a fragile time bomb close to losing control and capable of extreme violence.

Jim begins scrolling up through the file, desperate to discover the identity of his professor’s potential killer. But when he reaches the top of the document, his own name is the one that greets him there.

Sickened and in shock, Jim staggers away from his teacher and forces himself to unearth his memories of the last three weeks. Piece-by-piece, they reveal a twisted tale of nightmares, deception, and love that led to this fatal night.

With each new revelation, Jim becomes increasingly desperate to remember what really happened. But will his sanity survive the dark truth? Or will he lose the last bit of control to which he so desperately clings?

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