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Trapped in Whittier (eBook)

Trapped in Whittier (eBook)

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Book 1 of 3

Trent Walker Thrillers

132 Pages

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What Readers are Saying About Trapped in Whittier!

"I couldn't put this book down. I was hooked from the start and couldn't turn the pages fast enough. It's a well crafted mystery with a supernatural twist." -GVT
"...sends anticipatory shivers down your spine." -JR
"Entertaining read from start to finish...macabrely funny." -AG
"[Trent] is the perfect anti-hero." - McG

Whittier—One way in. No way out.

While on vacation in the isolated town of Whittier, Alaska, mentalist Trent Walker misses the last tunnel opening for the night and can’t leave until the next day.

He searches Whittier’s military-era tower of apartments for a place to sleep and is stunned by what he finds—an immense basement overflowing with metal cages. And trapped in those cages, on the night of the full moon, the townspeople of Whittier gnarl and howl like wild animals struggling to break free.

Locked in the building from the outside, Trent settles in to wait for morning. But when someone releases the residents, Trent finds himself being hunted by a town-full of locals who believe themselves to be possessed by evil spirits. To survive, Trent must use all of his skills and cunning to uncover the town’s dark secret while trying to stay alive long enough to see the sunrise.
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