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The Demon Slayer of Ashburn

The Demon Slayer of Ashburn

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Audiobook edition narrated by Rhys David

Book 2 of 3

Ashes Still Burn Urban Fantasy Series

269 Pages

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Even Demons Know Fear...

David is getting in the groove with his new job as Ashburn's supernatural enforcer, but one night he and his crew see a strange man in a monk's robe kill a demon. The man claims to be a Demon Slayer, and he's there to clean up Ashburn and get rid of its abominable infestation. David does the best he can, but he's soon overwhelmed and over his head as demon after demon is killed. Now, he's the only one left to take on and defeat the Demon Slayer. But, as usual in Ashburn, all is not as it first appears.

This Second Edition of "The Demon Slayer of Ashburn" is Book #2 in the Ashes Still Burn Series.
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