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The Blood of Ashburn

The Blood of Ashburn

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Book 3 of 3

Ashes Still Burn Urban Fantasy Series

242 Pages

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Something Hungers Beneath the Town of Ashburn

David is a human spirit trapped in a demon’s body, forced to serve the evil being who saved his soul but ruined his life.

As the supernatural enforcer of Ashburn, David’s responsible for keeping the gods and demons in town under control and out of trouble. But he's also supposed to keep them safe. So when the local sheriff finds a minor demon broken and drained of his blood, David begins a hunt for the killer.

As David sheds light on one part of the truth, he’s pulled down into an even greater darkness that lies deep beneath the town. A hidden world steeped in primordial myth, where vampiric demons roam, desperate for blood. A forgotten city built by an ancient race that thrived before the time of gods and demons. But also, a possible path to freedom.

David may finally have a chance to escape Ashburn, but to do so, first he’ll have to survive a harrowing journey through the caverns and tunnels beneath the town, where everyone, including his traveling companions, wants only one thing from him—his blood.

"The Blood of Ashburn" is Book #3 in the Ashes Still Burn Series.

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